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Higher Weight Limit Child Seat

Started by LisaJane706, August 07, 2022, 04:56:58 PM

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Hi all! New to the page. I ordered my Wagon in March and have been pedalling quite happily since April. I?ve got nearly 600 miles on it, we use it for nearly 100% of our in-town trips. We sold our second car and so far, so good! I?m hauling two kiddos - a 2 yo in the Yepp and a 6 yo on a deck pad. My oldest is special needs. My life would be a LOT easier, and he would enjoy the ride so much more, if I had a way to support him better and possibly strap him in. He?s 41 lbs. I?m having a hard time finding any solutions for older/heavier kids. I?ll attach a pic of my arrangement, but it?s pretty basic!


Hi, I adapted a tern captins chair to go on back of our radwagon for our disabled daughter who is 29 years old. Sorry no photos I don't have bike stored at home.


This might not be much help but just a thought: The Thule Yepp is rated for 40 lbs so if you're kiddo is 41 lbs, you're not much over. Most quality products like we would expect from Thule are overengineered to be stronger than the publicized rated capacity. It can probably carry safely 50lbs maybe even 55. That could buy you some more time