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Radrover 6 is a little to big. How much smaller is radrunner?

Started by johnyj7657, August 02, 2022, 12:54:34 AM

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I bought a radrover 6 for my mother with arthritic knees.  She wants to keep the seat low so she can plant both feet on the ground but then has trouble getting going.

She thinks its to big for her so I was looking at other options.  Has anyone been on both bikes?
Wondering if the radrunner 2 either is or feels smaller/easier to handle. 
Cant find any comparison pictures of the two bikes side by side.


Have been on the RadRover but the Step thru feature of my RadRunner is awesome and I bet it would fit the bill.

The wheelbase is 2.5" shorter
The seat height is 2" lower minimum.


This video from CitizenCycle might help:  - I highly recommend his channel for fun watching, by the way; just a regular guy dinking around with and reviewing e-bikes.  His old original "Rover" is a fire-breathing monster now, all-wheel-drive with tons of power I think retaining only the frame from the factory shipment.

This is the previous-gen Rover with the MiniST (I own the latter as well).  The Mini is similar to the Runner in size and the Rover 5 is roughly same size as the current new model.  It's a rough comparison, but that Rover seems enormous to me and my short inseam would not get along with it.

Although IMHO it's an inferior replacement for the Mini, you might also check out the Expand 5 model, with a different Mini-style geometry but similar size to the Runner.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


I think I'm going to go with a radrunner plus.  I figure pedal assist with it in a low gear would be easier to get going.

I was looking at the folding rad expand but it's max rider size is to small for others to ride and on the small end it would be to low anyway.

I dug out my old kids bike and tried sizing it like a radrunner and it seemed better. 


My dad got my mom the Radrover too, but even with the step through it's very big on her. She has a hard time getting on it. When she uses my Radrunner and Radmission it's much easier for her. She's 5'4.

Radio Runner

26x3 wheels are so huge. You wont believe it till seen in person. Monsterous! The RRunner is very manageable.


Thanks for the replies,  I ended up ordering the radrunner plus.

I was debating sending back the radrover but I finally was able to get out on a rail trail in Vermont  and took my regular trek bike and didn't realize it was all a gentle slope.

So going one way was awesome coming back I thought my legs would give out.


I'm nearly 70 y/o and 5'1" and RAD recommended for my height the RAD Expand 5, I can put both my feet on the ground (more the ball of my feet), but I feel stable at a light and am ready to go with a little throttle. My pedal stroke is "ok/adequate" but if I could use some more length, and wish I could put the seat back (not up or down) a bit, I might have a better pedal stroke.  However, I put the small basket on the back (and it is very useful) so I don't have the clearance to put a different seat post "layback" style. But I am riding more then I have in the last 5 years and very happy with the choice (Read my post on that I did change out my shifter and upgraded the derailleur).  Now nothing stops me except the excess heat.


I have the rover 6 , my wife has the radrunner plus. It?s a lot smaller for her. I couldn?t see her trying to manuver the rover around.
   Great all round bike. My 11 year old granddaughter who is 4?8? can ride it fine.

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