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Fun in Delaware and motor swap on YouTube

Started by Altema, August 01, 2022, 04:09:52 PM

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I took advantage of a few more days of recovery to do a group ride in Delaware. Yes, bike riding is therapeutic and helps in my recovery, in case you were wondering 😉
It was supposed to be a big event with riders from several states joining in, but with rain forecast for that Saturday, a few of us went riding on Friday instead. It was fun and we covered about 60 miles riding into the night, but I ran into a problem with my motor cutting out. I thought it was batteries getting low, but they were at 45% so they weren't THAT low. It only happened in the 2000 watt mode, so I switched to the 1200 watt mode and it was fine.

Back at the hotel, I plugged in my laptop to the Phaserunner, and found the motor was having hall sensor errors. The hall sensor keeps track of what position the magnets are in, and is used to give proper timing for the stator coils to be energized. I told the guys I had a spare motor with me to swap in, and they wanted to work on it together, then last minute Shreddie McSkate said "Let's make it a live show!". He sent a notification out and said we were going live in five minutes, lol. So I winged it and it seemed to go well, and the replacement motor worked fine.

Link is below for anyone interested...