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LCD / low battery fault

Started by RJW, August 01, 2022, 02:36:57 PM

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RADCITY 4 rider with stock LCD display that indicates low/no battery. Everything else on LCD seems to work. Lites okay, battery fully charged, 5A & 40A fuses are okay. Throttle and PAS not working. Let me know what you think is wrong.

RAD commuter


Have taken for service to Vancouver store. My understand from them is that battery plug in port is arcing/overheating, causing bad connection. Battery is okay but RAD solution is to replace battery. Had bike only 17 months, have only ride for 8 months. Battery itself is still good. Not a happy RAD owner, RADCITY 4 has turned into a endless money pit. FYI bike is stored indoors and commuter ridden in good weather.