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Rover 6 Plus Tire PSI

Started by Rover, July 31, 2022, 01:01:04 PM

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Picking up my new Rover 6 Plus today. Just curious what others are using as tire PSI. I weigh 165 lbs if that helps. Thanks


i do believe the directions call for 30 psi. I'm usually doing 29 or so.


At 150ish lbs, I started at 30lbs, tried 15 and I'm satisfied with 24 front 25 rear. That's with mostly trail riding.


Thanks for the responses. I thought 30 is the maximum PSI. Which means that's the absolute top pressure I thought. Bike shop guy set mine at 25 saying that's enough especially with how hot it's been recently. I'll try that for a bit and go from there.