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My Comuter/Grocery Getter

Started by JedidiahStolzfus, July 25, 2022, 07:28:53 PM

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You're doing a great job.  Nice to see your upgrades!  I got my RR+ in August 2022.  I just hit 300 miles the other day.  I live in Cedar Rapids, IA.  The state's 2nd largest metro.  The city has done a nice job with trails and lanes.  I've found the "city portal" so I can report (If I remember) sand in the bike lane, broken glass, all manor of street hazzard.  It's cool

What are the spec's on your trailer?  I have one in mind, with a specific setup.  I'm looking at the "Burley Flat Bed Cargo Trailer" part# 94/202.   It's a "next year" thing for sure...

First I want a battery & a DATEX-3 (might as well plan ahead) I'm looking at the selection available at biggamebikes dot com.

Good luck, ty vm for sharing!

Sorry I haven't used ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM for over 15 years.  Neither should you.  Search my name on FB, YT, TW, & those others.  I've been online since 1992. Most of that time as a Systems & Network Engineer.