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RadWagon 3 2019 no throttle/pedal assist/walk function

Started by rngnsb, July 25, 2022, 10:16:41 AM

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A few weeks ago I started having intermittent failure of the motor during rides. I was able to turn it off and on again and keep going. It kept getting worse until now I can't get any motor assist from throttle, PAS, or walk function.

I have disconnected the brake lever sensors, unplugged/plugged back and checked for corrosion on every electrical connection. I have even opened the controller to check for bad connections/corrosion or signs of water ingress.

When I turn the pedals by hand very, very slowly, the motor will occasionally give a second of kick, then back to nothing. Also when turning the pedals very slowly the motor will occasionally give a single second of high resistance. Sometimes, after turning it off and on, the walk function will get the motor to spin for a single second.

There are no errors on the display and no mechanical damage or electrical damage.

I just turned over 3000 miles, almost all of which had two kids (probably 40-60lbs total) on the back.

I'm thinking the direct drive motor has just given out. But, it seems very difficult to find a replacement. I am still trying to work through Rad for a fix and/or replacement parts. I have also requested a quote from the motor manufacturer for a replacement. Apparently on these earlier versions, the motor is unique and the Shengyi motor from syimotor is described as being exclusive to RadPower.

Is there anything else that could be causing this issue? What is the cheapest way to replace the motor and retain all of the factory functions?