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Is this site SLOWING down?????

Started by santacruzpaul, July 24, 2022, 05:32:57 PM

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Is it my iMac, Or has this Rad Owners Site been having problems?
Thanks, Paul


Seems every once in awhile things slow down and then it snaps back again. I thought it was just my PC.


Quote from: rjp on July 24, 2022, 05:46:51 PM
Seems every once in awhile things slow down and then it snaps back again. I thought it was just my PC.

Glad to hear it isn't not just my iMac,  All other places I go are up to speed, I have fiber optic from AT&T
Thanks, RJP, Paul


Clearing cache and cookies is always a good troubleshooting step to take when stuff like tha happens.

Jay West

Yes it has been slower.......  It used to be very fast.


Definitely slower. Perhaps the hosting company is having issues, or we need to archive the oldest posts.


No speed changes noticed via Tapatalk

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Interesting, please keep me updated. We actually *increased* to a better hosting plan recently.


Sorry but the "increase" to a better plan haven't worked. This site has been very slow, it hangs up while loading a page etc. Today, July 27 thus far it hasn't been too bad. Still slower than the old Forum host site though.

FWIW I'm using a Mac laptop pro version so I don't think it's my system holding it up.


Hi Ryan, here's another update on the forum.

It's July 28 and the site has improved from what it was recently. It actually improved yesterday just after you asked us to keep you updated on how the forum was doing.

However it is still only now about the same as the original forum site. It hesitates when loading pages, hesitates when loading posts with pictures and is quite slow when loading a thread containing multiple pages.


Usable, but still pretty slow for me as well (compared to other sites at least).

Also, probably want to remove the "$350 off" Rad ad at the bottom of each page as it's no longer valid.


Pages still taking a long time for me to load, I have a newer iMac and fiber optic.

Jay West

Sometimes it will not hookup.  Wouldn't connect four about 4 hours this morning.  It used to be so fast.


I apologize everyone. I have been working with the host today. Please let me know if you continue to see slowness. If you get any errors you can always email me: radownersforum @ gmail