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thumb throttle

Started by gooberff, July 24, 2022, 04:19:10 PM

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That link is to a dedicated thumb throttle not a 3d printed?  I have the set off ebay. Works fine. Comes with a key fob and battery covers. I like it. The thumb button slightly gets in the way and keeps you from grabbing the whole grip when your not using it but, you can?t have both. I think the covers could be improved if they had a loop molded in to thread a cord or strip of velcro through to hold them on or tie it to keep them from getting lost. Otherwise it?s a decent kit for the money.  :)
City 3


I have one got from Amazon link below for my RR6+, works great, takes up less space than the twist and allows you to use standard grips both left and right, so no more 3/4 grip.

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