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EU RAD Runner 6kmh throttle Non compliance?

Started by Rad London, July 22, 2022, 07:40:25 AM

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Rad London

Hi all

Legislation in the EU including England, means that throttles can power the bike to 6kmh without a need to pedal.

I noticed by rad runner 1 goes around 7.2kmh, I confirmed this by the lcd screen and an external speedometer.

However, the motor does cut out at 25kmh, which suggests the speed measuring magnets are functioning.

Has anyone confirmed that their bike is limited to 6kmh?

This might sound trivial, however, if you are found to be non compliant in the UK, you face a ?300 fine, confiscation and will be treated as driving without insurance as the bicycle will be treated as a motorcycle.

Welcome thoughts.


I have a Rhino 6+ and have discovered that by pedalling and constantly applying full throttle it remains engaged and I can very quickly get up to 30KPH.


My sympathies, guys; that sounds SO lame - why do you let your Rulers insult you like that?  6kph is a brisk walking speed; I can hit 30kph throttle-only exiting out of my driveway, on the way to 40kph which is certainly adequate for general ebike use.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.

Rad London

It's a ridiculous law, but it's the law.

I've been doing some experiments with two rad bike, mission and rad runner. Both exceeded the 6kph throttle limit (around 8kph).

However both motors will cut out at 25kph - this means that the speed magnets are working and the controller is doing its job to not go above the 25kph limit.

My conclusion is that these versions of rad bikes do not have their throttle restricted to 6kph, but rather the power from the throttle is limited.

Now, this is tricky, because technically these ebikes are not EU compliant, but are being sold as such.

Would Rad power bikes sell bikes as EU compliant while not being so.

Or could it be the case that I have two faulty bikes that do cut out at 25kph but not 6kph.

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