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RR6+ Hydraulic Brake System

Started by Rover80, July 21, 2022, 05:12:17 PM

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In trying to increase compression on the front (left) brake lever, I turned the barrel nut to far and suddenly mineral oil was dripping on the floor and I had lost all brake lever pressure. In other words, no brake. I've been looking at various YT video's on how to bleed the system and it is pretty straight forward.  My brake lever reservoir shows NUIT Mineral oil. I'm not sure if the lever reservoir is by Tektro. Is there any way to identify who the manufacturer of the system is? I find many kits for Shimano and other systems on Amazon and just wondering if there is a specific kit for Tektro if indeed that is who my system is by.


I took a second look at the brake lever reservoir (my eye sight isn't great) and what I thought was NUIT, was actually NUTT. Found a bleed kit on Amazon.


Quote from: Rover80 on July 21, 2022, 06:54:11 PM
I took a second look at the brake lever reservoir (my eye sight isn't great) and what I thought was NUIT, was actually NUTT. Found a bleed kit on Amazon.
Did this bleed kit work out for you?  I purchased a different kit on amazon and it did not have a connection for the brake lever.


When I asked Rad about this a while ago, they did their best to suggest I have a bike shop do this. It is not covered by warranty and Rad has no guides on this.
They finally gave me the bleed kit they use in their shops so I could buy it.

This was a bit pricy but they said if I wanted to do it myself I should get the good kit since I would be doing this a few times a year or more.

Here is the SHIMANO Brake Fluid they also said I needed.

After I got all this and followed YouTube videos, I still messed it up and had to have a bike shop fix it for me. They also show me how to do the bleed and I have been successful ever since.



everyone seems to have these issues with them and bleeding them. i just replaced my nutt brakes with magura mt5's. the magura's literally come bled and the instal is so easy compared to the older versions of the rover/rhino.  you don't have to feed your brake lines through the frame so you don't have to do anything to unseal the brake line. the underplate just unscrews ands bang bang one two done. the guy i work with got a step down and his brakes went out around the same time as mine. i bled and replaced the pads but the nutt brakes are poop and won't hold mineral oil, i couldn't even get the back to bleed or hold oil at all so the last 3 weeks i just was front brake only. i told him to go buy a new set of brakes but let the shop  play the game and spent a grip in labor trying to get those brakes to work instead of instead of starting fresh.

i spent 500 for top of the line brakes while he spent 350 trying to maintain a 40 dollar set of brakes..