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Warranty repair

Started by Dukem, July 15, 2022, 06:45:31 AM

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When I called customer on Tuesday, I opted to be put in the que for a call back. Wednesday I opened a service request via the website.
Friday morning and still no callback.
Does anyone have advice on getting service to respond to my requests?
Hydraulic brake failed
Battery failed


Call them again! I got 2 calls back within a half hour or so.


Update: finally got thru to service. Larry was very helpful. I had posted videos on the case supporting my issues. One video showed how I connected the charger to the battery per owners manual and showed my attempts to make sure was not in transit mode.
Brake replacement on order.
Battery issue pending after I sent additional photos. He needed pictures of the charging port (looking for arcing due to some metallic object(key)  shorting it); picture of battery connectors and connectors on the bike (looking for shorting issues).