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Need F33 replacement key

Started by sayonaraML, July 14, 2022, 02:39:05 PM

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Hi folks:
No idea how it happened but two weeks into my new RadMission bike and my keys are missing. Any idea on how or where I could find replacements? I somehow (feel like an idiot typing this) used a key for a previous bike yesterday and since it worked to turn the thing on and off, never noticed. That key of course will not let me remove the battery and that isn?t very good because I won?t be able to charge it.

Thanks for understanding, any help!


It's a Honda motorcycle blank - Ilco HD74 / X84, available on Amazon or eBay, if not your local hardware store or lock shop.  If the wrong key worked the lock, then you probably have one of the batteries that can be locked/unlocked/removed with this $8 blank key, no cutting necessary, but I am NOT sure the Mission uses the same lock design.  A good lesson and warning about how easy they are to steal because of design stupidity, but at least the blank will help you out.  I only carry a blank now, so I can show/warn other Rad owners I come across.

If worse comes to worse, you can order a replacement key from Rad since you know the key code number (I think they can look it up by bike serial number too).

Here's what I did to overcome a problem Rad caused by a poor component choice: 
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