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Sharing my accessorized Radwagon

Started by rabi, July 11, 2022, 12:33:44 PM

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I have been accessorizing my Radwagon for some time and feel like it is a good time to share my setup. Hope you would enjoy.
Part 1:
Part 2:
(Note: contains affiliate links)


If you are very interested in doing modifications and don't mind the extra cost you could consider a dropper post so you can quickly adjust seat height. This is priceless if you regularly share the bike with anyone else who are a different height and therefore require different seat heights. I did this to my bike because I'm 6'1" and my partner is 5'7". It's a PNW dropper with external routing with a bar-mounted lever. If you're a little bit handy you can do this upgrade yourself. Even if you don't share the bike with someone else, it's very nice to be able to lower the seat height for more slow speed maneuverability in slow and tight city riding situations but then be able to send the seat height up to full height for pedaling efficiency once you're riding at faster speeds.