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RadCity3 controller/display problem

Started by WPVT, July 09, 2022, 04:21:27 PM

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Our RadCity3 step-thru has developed a problem after a few month's use. The battery charges and the display reads full charge, but as soon as motive power is called for, the display data goes blank and there is no motive power. Dealing with RadPower's customer service has been frustrating, as they are slowly walking us through generic troubleshooting steps that aren't relevant to our specific problem.
We've checked all the fuses and connections, etc. This is a well maintained bike and there is no dirt or corrosion.

The display lights up, and so perhaps that means it is not the culprit. Or does it ?
If the problem is the controller, how can we just buy one, put it in and see if the bike works ?

Is RadPower the only source for the controller and the display ? 

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