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Thinking of water bottles

Started by, July 07, 2022, 04:04:13 PM

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RadCity5 + step over.
Where do you all keep a water bottle on that particular one. ?


I am thinking of making something work on the rear rack, maybe a dual setup. I will post images if it does not look like ass.

Gray Beard

This may present some options:

Jay West

This bag from Rad makes a great bottle holder, storage for sunglasses etc.


I like the idea of the Ukrainian bag--thanks for sharing. But I've already invested in the Gzilla system (on the list of suggested accessories Ryan posted). It attaches to the from stem where a front rack or basket would usually go. It's a bit spendy but it is fabulous. Plus--you can have two bottles, one on each side. And you can adjust the holder so the bottle is more facing the rider for easier removal and re-insertion versus the usual upright bottle holder position. I have it on my City 5 Plus and Rover 6 Plus. Highly recommend.


I have the Rad handlebar bottle holder and it works fine.  The only downside is the bottles that will fit need to be skinny.


I've gotten this device for both my RAD bikes.  It allows you to have 2 mounted below the handle bars on the sides.  With long enough bolts and good eyes, it can be "co-mounted" with the front basket or bracket.  Sturdy. Works well...

From your friends at Amazon:
Cascade Manufacturing Bottle Cage Mounting Bracket for Rad Power Bikes
Brand: Cascade Manufacturing
4.5 out of 5 stars    83 ratings
Price:   $29.99  & FREE Returns
Color: White

Black, Orange, Stainless Steel,White   

Material   Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Brand   Cascade Manufacturing
About this item
Light Weight, Easy to Install, Made in USA
Includes 4 screws for installing bottle cages
Easily route your cables behind the mount for a clean look
White Powder Coated 1/8" 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Compatible with Front Rack. Bottle Cages Not Included
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