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Suspension seatpost for RadExpand5

Started by waldeck, July 04, 2022, 05:46:45 AM

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I've been looking into adding a suspension seatpost to my RadExpand5. There are so many out there and so many reviews. I'm six feet tall and 220 pounds. Not looking to break the bank, just want a dependable seatpost that won't fall apart in 6 months. Any recommendations on what anyone is using and why you chose that particular one?


The Suntour seat posts are said to be very comfortable because they have the correct geometry. However, I use a much lest expensive Satori suspension post. It is simpler, but still effective. I've had mine for two years and it has given me no trouble at all.


I chose a Redshift after reading numerous reviews of it and competing products.  The design, engineering, manufacturing and quality is superb all around, and there's nothing to wear out or extras to buy for light/heavy weight beyond the standard range.  They have a very generous return policy, so I decided to check it out and immediately knew it was a keeper. 

The only tiny issue is that while you're getting it dialed in, you have to completely remove the seatpost to adjust the spring setting, as it's done on the bottom.  I just used blue tape on the post to know where it was set before removing and once you have it set up and locked down, that's not an issue.

They go on sale via Amazon and direct from Redshift's website occasionally, so if you're not in a hurry it'll pay to save $30-40.  Highly recommend these if you can pop for their cost, and they do have that return policy if you're not sure it's worth it.  It's worth it.
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Thanks for the comments. I have decided to go with the Suntour model that Rad sells ( had a 25% discount Birthday promo). Will see how it goes.