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Radrunner plus seat review

Started by hsnewman, June 30, 2022, 08:49:23 AM

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I decided to buy the seat on ebay by hipofighter18 (just like 

When I got the seat, there was a letter (see: that said the seat was for a "super 73" seat.  The bolts did not reach thru the frame, there was no way to attach it properly. I contacted hipofighter18 and they responded that I was supposed to widen the bolt side hole large enough to get the bolt on.  This would weaken the frame, (stiffness is very important for a electric bike).  I asked if it were possible to replace the bolts with longer rod but the response was that I would have to take apart the seat to do that in order to replace the bolts with rod. 

While I had the seat on the bike I sat on it and it flexed (in a bad way) because there was no support at the seatpost. 

Given all that, I decided to return the seat.  This cost me around $16.00.

I would not recommend the seat.


Given all that, I decided to return the seat.  This cost me around $16.00.

US $160.00


Yes, ebay fees were withheld on the return.  It was around $16.00.