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Bolton 35 Amp Controller Waterproofing.

Started by Darrine90, June 29, 2022, 04:03:57 PM

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I just purchased the Bolton controller, however I live in a rainy city and plan to ride my bike in the rain. I read some reviews and people mention their controller getting water damaged from either washing or riding through puddles.  Does anyone ride with this controller in the rain? or has anyone had any luck waterproofing the controller? 

Thank you 8)


Which bike are you modding?  My MiniST2's controller mount location (and the, yuck, Expand5) is much better-protected from water splashing than the Runner or Mini4, for example, and people on this forum have reported water entry problems with that under- or front-mounted design.  I don't ride in the rain, but I applied silicone sealant around all gasket seams anyway, just in case.
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There was some discussion about this in another thread.,2048.msg10738.html#msg10738

There are some controller boxes as well on Amazon that may or may not work depending on your bike model and where you want to put it. I purchased one for my Rover 5. It would have protected it well, but I wanted to have the controller in the stock location. It wouldn't fit there with the cover, so I returned it. I haven't rode my bike in any significant rain, but I have had it on the rack on the back of my car while driving in some heavy storms. I had covered the display with a plastic bag secured with a rubber band around it. I covered the controller with a couple of small trash bags secured with multiple velcro straps. That probably wouldn't work too well for use while riding. I bought a can of Flex Shot like what was discussed in the thread above, but I never actually put it on.


Rad mini Step Thru! Got it on sale for $ 1599.00 cdn. Glad I bought it over the expand and already upgraded the bars so it looks similar but better than the expand. I don't think I like the look of those flimsy cases so I will probably just seal it as best I can.