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Who is up for a front motor convertion kit!!!

Started by MJLStickMan, June 27, 2022, 10:12:56 PM

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I am ready to add another motor to my Expand5 who else thinks this is a good idea?
Another thread has already tried to change out the rear motor with a true 750 watt but failed. I was very disappointed to read the thread but very appreciative of the post very informative. I have seen a kit on amazon i want but not sure of the dropout size to get, any suggestions and are we going to need additional torque arms?


I thought about it.

1.  Is the fork strong enough?  There are videos of front forks falling off - not Rad bikes but you never know.

2.  If you get a direct drive, they drag unless power is applied.  So you have to turn on the front drive all the time.  Which makes sense or you are pulling a dead weight (the front drive system, battery, controller) all the time.  But it also mean there is no option not to use it.  But this is not bad if you choose something like 250 watts.

Please let us know which brand you plan to use.  Let us know how it goes.

I have a Rad mini-ST2.  I think the easiest thing for me to do is to just buy another battery and crank up pedal assist to 5 all the time.  I think bicycling is not a drag race but more of an endurance event and I can already climb all the hills I've encountered.  If I can ride 20 mph all the time, I'll get there faster.  So no need for more power for me and I don't want to go beyond 20 mph - too dangerous.  An extra battery to allow me to use 5 pedal assist level all the time would be good enough for me.  Right now, I ride at most 2 hours and actually one battery is enough.


I am two weeks into owning a larger capacity battery and was thinking about maybe going further by adding a conversion kit to the front. After some thought and taking onboard your comments I don't think I will be adding a second motor, adding a second motor will increase my speed but bring down my overall range. Truth be told the upgraded controller makes the Expand very nippy and coupled with a 52V battery in parallel with the stock 48V (Date X2 battery combiner) means voltage sag is significantly reduced for power on demand making the expand feel much faster than it is. I am satisfied with my top end and with the Expand overall.
8) 8) 8)