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Mounting extra battery

Started by MJLStickMan, June 27, 2022, 10:04:07 PM

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So I found this device to mount my extra battery on the down tube which normally would prove difficult because of the curved design by Rad.

The battery is a 52v 20Ah and comes with two mounting screws with an option for a third which would require drilling into the frame. I actually started to drilling and stopped after getting cold feet about damaging the cables that run inside the down tube. Mounting on the down tube is plug and play using the Grin down tube bracket. You will need is a parallel connector which I got from biggamebikes and arrived in just over a week from UK to US. Additional plug and play cables are needed to connect costing $30 also from big game bikes.

OMG the difference in range is crazy but this is not fully tested yet because I need to fully charge and discharge the new battery a few more times to reach full capacity. Only running one battery at a time until I have broke in the new battery then I will run batteries in true parallel and report back. For now I get 20 miles on stock battery and 35 on new battery but the combined battery is what I wish to see here shortly. As you can imagine I am expecting way more than 55 miles. Right now I would bet 70-75 but we shall see. I should also note that I am not using the stock controller thanks to the Area13 upgrade.

Double bob bracket by Grin


Dual Battery

Controller/Display Kit