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Car or Rad Runner Plus

Started by Creasey23, June 27, 2022, 03:54:16 PM

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Please help...

I usually drive to work, however being a keen cyclist and due to increased fuel prices I have started to cycle to work on my road bike. On my road bike, it takes around 2 hours one way to commute to work (46km, 600m of climbing). I am a PE Teacher which then means I am fairly active throughout the day with another 46 km ride home in the evening. In total it is 92 KM of cycling with over 1000m of climbing and around 4 hours of riding each day. I have noticed my energy levels at work depleting a lot by Wednesday.

2 days ago my car badly failed its MOT (Annual UK safety test), so much so that it is now off to the scrap yard. I am at a point where I don't want to buy another car and by doing so inherited the running costs (?500-?600 per month). I am thinking about a rad power bike purely for commuting, I would use my road bike for all other group rides, training, etc.

My questions are:
1. How much faster will a rad runner plus do my commute in?
2. I will be using English country back roads in winter, sometimes they can be icy, will it be safe?
3. Would the Rad Runner Plus model be my best option?
4. Are EU bikes easy to make go faster?  ;)




I've commuted for 5 years on a bike - and there was a stretch of 5 years, after college, as an adult, when I did not have a car.  I lived and worked in a big city.

My humble advice to you - given your title is "Car or Rad Runner Plus" - is to get a reliable car.  You have a 28 mile/45 Km commute one way - sometimes in the rain and snow. There is a lot people don't realize until you try to live without a car - it may save some money but it will cost quite a bit of money too. How will you go to work if you are feeling under the weather.  It is best for those who work very close to where they live - like students.  Bikes are an alternative to walking, not an alternative to a car.  If you want to live a no car lifestyle, you have to live close to work.

Driving is much safer and is good for shopping on the weekends. It is OK for a month or 2 for fun but in the long long run it is not worth it.


Hi Dan,
Sorry about the MOT fail! That's quite a hike on a bike, mate!

I bought my Rad Runner for a 5 mile commute, modified it (it does about 32 kph now, they're limited to 25kph out of the box).

That would work out at about half an hour less each way for you, if my mental maths are right.

I rode mine through most of last winter, once I'd invested in wet gear from boots to hat. I'm in the West of Ireland, so it gets cold and wet, but not a lot of ice. Stock tyres are OK on wet tarmac.

You're right at the edge of the range of the stock battery, I'd bring the charger and top up at work.

If you're used to a road bike, you'll find the seating position on the RR+ quite odd. It's very far forward compared to an acoustic bike, and you sit quite upright. It's not the most comfortable after an hour or so. RR+ has a better saddle than the slab of foam you get in the regular RR, but I don't know if I'd sit there for 90 minutes a go.

Have you considered other bikes like the RadMission?

You can by controllers like the Eggrider or 35A controller to get to to 32-35 kph, it gets expensive after that. I got my go faster bits from Gareth at BiggameBikes down in Worthing.