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Recovery, solo and group rides, and hitting 6,000 miles!

Started by Altema, June 25, 2022, 07:09:34 PM

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Sorry I haven't had much time to post, but I'm certainly not neglecting my Rad! Recovery from the crash is going mostly well, with no obvious problems from the head injury, the clavicle fracture is fully healed, and I have almost my full range of motion back for my arm. I still have shoulder pain which gets pretty intense, and work is making that worse, but I'll find out more Monday. I've been going on solo rides almost every day, even if it's a trip around the neighborhood which is about 6 miles. I did a group ride in Connecticut with gas and electric bikes, and it was crazy and fun at the same time, but I'll give that it's own post. This was followed by a group Ride in Detroit which is always good, but this particular one was marred by a crash, and much less importantly, a flat tire. There was a teenager with us on a rental e-bike for the first time, and someone on a OneWheel either swerved or cut in front of him, and the kid fell and scraped up his face. He got back on the bike after receiving medical attention and finished the ride, so I hopefully it won't turn him against e-bikes.

The third group ride was in Ann Arbor Michigan, with a newly-formed group called the A2 Tech Ride. This had a large variety of e-bikes ranging from 250 watt folding bikes to Sur Ron's, and unfortunately, a Sur Ron led the group and things got split up pretty quickly with the slower bikes being left behind. So we stopped to regroup, and some of the family members dropped off. Then some of the mid range bikes like Super73's and the like dropped out after one of them had a fall. In the end, we wound up with a Sur- Ron, an Onyx RCR, Onyx CTY2, a Monday Motorbike, and my RadMini. To solve the problems next time, we will have a slower "Family" ride on bike paths which is properly paced, followed by a separate 30mph ride in traffic on the streets.

And in other news... my RadMini has hit six thousand miles and is still going strong!


 I live in Dearborn Heights , medical reasons made me decide on my own no car. I just walk or bike. If you know of any group rides nearby I would appreciate it.

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