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Cargo Trailer Hitch

Started by FlyingScot, June 21, 2022, 02:54:08 PM

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New here. Just pulled the trigger on the 5 Plus. I don?t have it yet but from research am anticipating a bit of a struggle attaching a trailer hitch to the axle. I have an older model Croozer trailer. I searched the forum but didn?t find much about cargo trailers before registering and posting. Does anybody have any experience with this? Much appreciated.


I?ve pulled a couple of different kind of trainers with my Rad Rover 5.  If your Croozer uses the ?universal hitch? shown on their website, it might fit right on your axle bolt, perhaps with a bit of drilling to slightly expand the bolt hole if needed.  Might also need a washer to shim the existing axle nut so it clears the recess in the hitch.  I had mire than enough thread on my axle bolt to do that.  Be careful not to strip the threads on the axle bot because it?s not removable/replaceable. 


Whelp, bike was delivered today! Took it to the LBS still in the box to build and give it a once over (watched the assembly video and read reviews, decided to let the pros do it right the first time). I gave them the hitch to see if they can make it work. If it can?t be axle mounted I?m going to McGyver a chain stay mount. This is a cargo trailer so no kids will ever be in it.


Update! The LBS wasn’t able to mount the hitch but an adapter is available on the Robert Axle Project site. IIR it was about $37 and I received it in 3 days. It’s simple to install and works perfectly. All you do is remove the original axle nut, install the provided washer and adapter then install the hitch followed by another washer and the nylock nut. Took me about 5 minutes. Per the company this works on all RadPower bikes and pretty much any commercially available trailer hitch but it would email them first just to be sure.