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high pitched whistling noise when freewheeling

Started by rfv, June 19, 2022, 07:19:37 AM

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Hi folks:

Apologies if this issue has been discussed before, my searches didn't find it.

My Radmini 4 HS, vintage 11/2021, mileage ~200, has a high pitched whine/whistle when freewheeling. Applying the back brake, or pedaling, or throttling stops it, but it starts again when freewheeling. It seems to come from the back wheel somewhere. It happens frequently, but not always -- enough to make riding unpleasant. I did have a back wheel clacking noise, once per wheel revolution, under load. The Rad folks at the Berkeley CA shop fixed that (under warranty).

Any ideas?



I might have a milder case of what you have.  I have heard somewhere on this forum (???) that the bearing seals rub and make noise at specific speeds and conditions.  I am just sharing what I am going to try next - I plan to squirt some oil on my rear axle where the non-rotating part and the rotating parts meet and rub and see if that helps.