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RADRunner LCD Got Moisture Inside / Harness Pinout Included

Started by hammeron, June 14, 2022, 12:39:42 PM

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A friends RADRunner had been carried on a bike rack through several rains. She says there was moisture
visible inside the LCD display. The bike would not turn on, so she left it with me to troubleshoot best I could.
Through much searching, I've determined the harness female pinout is as follows:
Pin 1 = Power + 48vdc
Pin 2 = Ground
Pin 3 = Transmit Data
Pin 4 = Receive Data
Pin 5 = Power Lock
Measuring voltage between pins 1 and 2, I do see 53vdc. When MODE button is pressed the
LCD comes on and looks like the attached picture, then goes off when MODE button is

Everything points to LCD needs to be replaced:
Just a sanity check, agree to replace LCD?  Or is there a chance the Controller needs replaced as well?


For the moment, I suggest reinstalling the original LED display (if your friend still has it). That should either restore the bike to basic functionality or demonstrate that the root problem lies elsewhere (such as the controller).


Hey, have the same problem here, except mine has gotten so bad that I can no longer boot the system (can't use the motor anymore). What ever happened with yours? Did you get a replacement display, and if so, did you get it from RPB or from a third party?


Also, did you get that pinout from EggRider documentation? I'm curious to know how you determined it, because what you have is what the EggRider documentation says, but I found mine to be unexpectedly different. I took my OEM display/connector apart, and my pinout is (using the same numbers you used):

1 - VBat (red wire)
2 - Rx (green wire)
3 - Power lock (blue wire)
4 - Tx (yellow wire)
5 - GND (black wire)

I cut the display harness and probed the pins in the connector to see which wire they were connected to to get what I have above.


Quote from: StinkyZ on July 05, 2022, 11:35:24 AM
What ever happened with yours?
Did you get a replacement display, and if so, did you get it from RPB or from a third party?

Sorry for late reply, only logged in to do some searching on a unrelated project.

Friend purchased a new LCD from the RAD website and it works perfectly. As far as where
I got the pinouts....I cant remember honestly. I scoured the webs for days and finally
found it somewhere.