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Radcity 5 Battery works but motor doesn't turn on

Started by Getting gophery, June 12, 2022, 11:35:03 AM

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Getting gophery

Not quite sure what is going on. The display works. The battery is charged. The connections seem fine. The brake lights only turn on when they are supposed to. But neither the throttle or pedal assist do anything. I really want to like this bike but after only having it for a little over a month it is causing lots of frustration, which is not why I sought out an ebike.

Radding Along

Since you didn?t mention it, can I assume you aren?t getting an error message?

The City 5 Plus Step Thru has experienced a large failure rate on the controllers. Rad has worked to fix the issue with a new batch of controllers. That seems to fix things.

I would try to find someone in your area who has your same model bike and mate the two. While the bikes are side by side, plug your motor into the other good bike. Turn the throttle on the good bike to see if your motor spins. If so, then you know your motor is good.

Next plug their display into your bike. You can accomplish that by putting the bikes head to head. See if the display corrects the issue.

If not, it more than likely is a wiring harness issue or controller. Rad typically sends both out to you to replace under warranty.

Rad has a good video on how to replace the controller. It?s not an easy job to do, but is possible for someone that is mechanically inclined. It requires a star bit that is at least 3? long. That is really the only specialty tool needed for the job. The rest of the tools needed are standard Allen wrenches.

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