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Swap rear reflector with fender mount - just DO IT!

Started by pjiaria, June 12, 2022, 04:38:14 AM

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Assembled wrong at raD. Proper assembly is reflector ABOVE the fender mount. Reflector will not point down and fender will not sit so high off tire. JUST DO IT!!!


Yes! You can clearly see this in the gallery photos for the bike. Thanks for pointing it out.

Both of our city 5 + step over bikes came that way.

It?s all part of the learning curve.



I finally did it! Looks better. I went to the mother ship (Seattle Rad store) and asked them about the situation. The sales guy was clueless; they have a bike for display with the wrong configuration. A service guy gave me more helpful information. He said that Rad made a decision to change the setup after getting reports that the original configuration was leading to complaints about the rear fender "slapping" the rear wheel. He said the photos on the website were taken pre-production and had not been changed. That seems somewhat plausible, but I took a test ride after changing it and encountered no such problem; this included riding on a very rough stretch of road and going over speed bumps at 18 mph. As the OP said, just do it!