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Rad Rover 6+ power lock box

Started by ARM, June 10, 2022, 01:25:43 PM

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I just joined the group and have been riding my 6+ for the last four days since I got it.  I love everything about it except the terrible lack of a power on/off lock!

Anyways, I just designed a basic yet functional locking box that fits over the PAS/Power control box and is lockable with a small luggage lock.  It is plastic and won't keep vandals out, but at least kids and honest adults won't mess with it and accidentally turn it on.

I posted a link about it and to the free files on Thingverse in the Rad Modifications Forum but would like to hear back from members here who try out the box for any input on how I may make it better.



Here is a link to the files in case you missed the other post: