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Headlight not turning off

Started by bdklaum2113, June 10, 2022, 12:59:30 PM

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Newbie here, I purchased two rad city plus 5 bikes (one step thru the other normal) back in october 2021. The headlight on the step thru will not turn off. as long as the bike is on the light switch works fine. once you turn the bike off the light either remains on or will turn on. the only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery.
I have contacted Radpower for technical help but they are not only busy/slow in responding but so far have not come up with a fix.
Has any one else had this issue.


exact same problem on radcity5+. no response from rad.


Had the same issue with my quite new Rad Citi 5.

Contacted the support, apparently this is a controller issue. They promised to send a new one -  it been 10 days now, support have told me it could take up to 4 weeks.

I've already read several posts here of people having a problem with a faulty controller in brand new bikes.



Ive had exactly the same issue but no fix from RAD.


I took my bike in for a different issue where they replaced the controller. The light still has that issue. Just FYI so you guys don?t waste money on a new controller. No fix that I know of.


Maybe an aftermarket controller will solve the problem.  Check out Area 13 for Rad controllers.


I bought the RadCity 5 last year [August 22'] and have had the same Light won't turn off issue.
My son who is the primary rider for his part-time job, has been thoroughly trained now to take out the battery.

I actually got around to reporting this issue this week.  Still in warranty.

Hope to hear updates from others on whether they were able to fix.


Same problem, bought the bike in September last year, took the bike out yesterday all is fine but take it out today and the headlight refuses to turn off at end of ride.  :(


same problem with my high step Radrover 6 plus.  also bike will not turn off unless i remove battery.   so far no response from customer support.


Yep, same issue. Disconnected the headlight and rear brake so I didn't have to remove the battery every time!  Tried to chat with online support but 5 hours later still no response. Hope somebody gets some insight on how to repair soon!


Yes, I bought my bike, RadRover 6+, last fall and rode it around some, (in PG the snow flies early) but this spring it started doing this. I haven't called yet but plan to shortly. Hopefully we get an answer. For now I will unplug the lights but this is not a good answer for me as I ride it at night a lot.


Having a similar issue.

RC5+ lights and a backlit (and very warm) display turned on in middle of night.  Have to remove battery to turn everything off. When I reinsert battery bike turns on by itself, and seems operable, until I try to turn off again. Lights stay on, displays go blank but center display stays backlit, and all goes unresponsive.

Diagnosis from Rad:
It appears to me that the Rad UI Display and Remote UI should be replaced. These are the center and left display and button/display units. The problem could have occurred because moisture got into the Remote UI--or debris?  Something, even a tiny particle inside of the membrane switches on the handlebar, could complete the circuit and turn the bike on. It seems possible even under normal riding conditions, but I haven't seen it to date.

They've sent me an invoice to buy a new left UI Remote unit. But they cannot be purchased because they're out of stock. So, we're not able to use the bike until this gets fixed. Bike has been garage kept, out of moisture and dirt. Odd that there's a series of these occurring based on the forum hits here.


Coming up on a month here, and still don't have a resolution. Missed the last month of riding for my wife's needed physical activity with her health issues.  Rad sent a remote replacement but the bike still exhibits the same challenges. They want a video now of the symptoms. Figured I'd post here as well. Curious that those that have posted before haven't posted what the end result was. Fixed? Not Fixed? Trying to share information here to help others.

Video here:

John Rose

Not a solution, exactly, but won't it stay off if you simply turn the key to the middle (power off, battery locked to frame) or full counter-clockwise (power off & battery unlocked from frame), rather taking it completely off the bike?
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