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Throttle on Rad Rover 5 sometimes does not connect

Started by Mitch570, June 07, 2022, 10:25:18 AM

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I have a RR5 with 3300 miles of event free riding, love it. But recently I use the throttle quite alot like crossing busy streets, starting etc so its important to me.
Lately sometimes from a dead stop I usually hit the throttle to help me get going sometimes it will grind for a second like its not connecting then work just fine.
No error codes PAS works fine just the throttle engagement occasionally well only 4 times so far.
Im thinking that the grease in the case is gone and the "spiders" are not engaging just a thought though.


I had a similar problem over the past few months. The throttle would not engage at all from a stop. I didn't think much of it until now, when the bike completely turned off while riding to work. I've done just about everything and can't find a solution. Checked all cables, replaced the battery.

This sounds like a controller issue to me and might be a warning sign that it's about to fail.