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Hello new here

Started by Broncobusted, June 06, 2022, 07:40:03 AM

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Hello all. I'm new to this forum and e bikes I am looking for a commuter that can also do some off-road and possible some mountain biking. I'm not sure if there is a model that can do all this. I thought I seen one with a front shock fork. Any experiences or input would be appreciated. Thank you


Water Doc

Broncobuster,  I think you should check the Rad Power Bikes Facebook pages and you will get better advice from more experienced riders,  I have a Rad Runner + and I would not take it on any mountain trails - I suspect you should be looking at the Rad Rover.
RadMini4 and RR+


Hello, I am almost 200 miles in on my first E-bike, the Rover/Rhino 6 plus. I purchased it for exactly what you describe. I commute to work daily through busy city streets and cross country trails. I have also used it for some low level off roading. I have found it to be a great all rounder but my one caution would be I have found it to be too heavy to go fully off road, any short, steep, grassy or stoney inclines you will struggle to get up without a long run up first. As I am forced to use the 250w motor maybe US riders with the 750w motor may have a different experience but the EU version is not suitable for proper off road mountain biking in my opinion, which is a real shame.


Thank you for the info and response. I think I can rent these in my city. So maybe I can do a little research that way