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Rad Runner Standard Pannier solution

Started by radicalradical, June 06, 2022, 06:11:41 AM

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Here is my submission to the on going issue of not being able to fit standard panniers to the rear of a Rad Runner using existing fixing points:

?300mm long 15mm dia anodised aluminium DSLR camera rails (with heat shrink tubing) - ?15
?15mm dia, 12.5mm tall black nylon saddle risers
?15mm dia stainless steel, rubber lined cable P Clips (suggested from a post on this forum) - ?5 for 5
?50mm M6 hex bolts with their ends covered by domed nut covers

The heat shrink tubing takes the rails to 16mm which is the largest size that third party standard panniers cater to, that I could find.

It's the simplest and neatest solution I could find - hope it's useful to someone!


Interesting approach - I don't think I've seen anyone else put together a pannier solution that raises the connection point above the rack. It looks like that could pair well with a trunk bag mounted in the middle of the rack, such as some of the Topeak MTX bags.

Radio Runner

Those are going to bend down a bit but it shouldn't matter since the bags will then sit flush with the sides of the bike. The black plastic spacers may crack over time.