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Looking for Rad owner with key code F503

Started by Sviba, June 06, 2022, 12:24:25 AM

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I have a 2020 Rad Rover Step Through. Unfortunately, I lost the key and Rad has them on backorder. The bike is locked and I bought four universal keys and they don?t work. If someone out there has a lock with key code F503, I would be more than willing to compensate you for the trouble of making a duplicate for me. Thank you.


I hope you don't mind, but I am going to ask you this again. I understand that you bought some blanks - do any of the key blanks say, 'HD74' on them?  Rad uses a standard blank that has several identifiers, but if you go to your local hardware store and ask for a Honda 'HD74' key blank it will most likely work with your battery and costs around $3.  Again, I'm not concerned about 'F503' or that have bought some "universal" blanks online - I'm just asking about if the blanks you have say 'HD74' - if not, you can go to the store and get one. Worst case scenario is that you are out $3 dollars.  I'd really like to save you some time and money. I should note, the Honda HD74 blanks do not work on bikes that are 2017 and before, new + bikes, RadMissions, and/or dolphin style batteries - but on your bike, they should. Best of luck.


Yes, all say HD74. I?ve never actually used the bike so I?m little unfamiliar with the locking positions. So the lock was in the far right position, which I?ve now learned is the on position. The key made one click to the left and stopped. Now it won?t turn any further right or left. I charged the battery but the green light on the green light on the battery itself doesn?t illuminate. So I plugged into the USB port on the LED screen and it will illuminate for a second when I press the mode button but that?s it, it goes back out. Am I doing something wrong.


Sviba, You have to push the key in and turn the key while pushing it in to turn it to the unlock position. Also the charge indicator on the battery only works when the key is in the on position.


Like rjp says, you have to push in the key to turn the lock counterclockwise to the unlock position.  It's sounding to me that your blank keys are fine, you just weren't using them correctly.
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