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In theory I pick this up tomorrow, but I have questions!!!

Started by cerebrix, May 31, 2022, 06:21:00 PM

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Quote from: Altema on June 04, 2022, 05:53:42 AM
Quote from: cerebrix on June 02, 2022, 06:14:03 PM
So it's looking like tuesday or wednesday is the soonest he can get it back on the rack (work ahead of me needs to go first, which I totally understand.  Plus with forests out here shutting down for the summer he's not working this weekend to bomb some downhill trails which I 100% approve of.  I want my bike repair dude happy).

See attached picture for what the major problem was and sadly because of that, the bike was only partially setup when I took delivery, so Gator will have to do a complete new setup (although I get the feeling the setups he does are "noice" according to all the mountain bike heads in this state that use him.  Again, he's basically the best bike tech in our entire state).

But turns out he actually lives in my apartment complex, so free delivery when he's done lol

And that's where we are at

That fender mount hole should be an easy fix with a drill and tap!
Yeah Gator at The Bikesmith seemed to think it was a no sweat deal to fix (I think he already has).

But the bike wasn't finished being setup and nothing was torqued he said.  So he needs time to basically start over and is going over every bolt, screw, and nut.  Bedding the brakes and making sure it?s perfect. 

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