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RadCity 4 vs. RadCity 5 Plus Speed

Started by Eric.T, May 27, 2022, 10:04:54 PM

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Hi, I recently purchased a Radcity 5 Plus from Facebook marketplace and upgraded from RadCity 4. I notice that it takes more energy to pedal the RadCity 5 than RadCity 4 with power assist 1/2. I was able to get faster speed as well and spend less energy with RadCity 4 (power assist 1).

I want to see if anyone experience similar issue.


Yes...I have a Radcity 4 and 5 plus.  On the 5 plus...I find PAS 2 useless (not enough power) and PAS 3 (too much on the flats sometimes).  The PAS levels are not well thought out.  I'd prefer about 220 watts in PAS 2 (like the City 4) and PAS 3 should be about 320 watt (not the 380 watts I see).  Overall I like the Radcity 5 plus...but I find it harder to find a nice cruising PAS level. If I am going for maintaining speeds above 30 km/h...the 5 plus is good.

2 is for tailwind and 3 is for head wind. 4 and 5 are hill climbing or fooling around.

Jay West

Dude I agree with you 100%.  PAS 2 would be good at 220 watts and PAS 3 at 320 is fine. 

It would really be nice to be able to set the pass levels to the settings that work for you as some other ebike companies let you do. I rode my 2018 Rad City 4 11,000 miles and I much preferred the PAS levels on it compared to Rad City 5 Plus.  The Rad City 5 Plus is a good bike but it could be way better with better curvatures on the PAS settings.


Totally agree, been debating if I should hold on to my rad 4, i like the look of the 5 but riding at higher pass levels means also your battery gets used up faster meaning distance is impacted