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Before I purchase..

Started by CapNpole, May 27, 2022, 08:24:36 AM

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Questions: Casual Rider. Mostly on paved surface.

Is the front suspension really a difference maker considering the 4? tire?
Non hydraulic brakes vs  Mechanical? for paved surfaces, but very steep declines
Will the Expand fit the Hollywood rack?
Or do I just consider the RadRunner Plus for $300 more ?  I don?t need to fold the bike.

Radio Runner

As for the suspension fork. A casual rider will argue for its case and often do. However if you are a seasoned rider, 4 inches of tire volume is insanely plush even at the highest pressure they take which is only 30psi and very low for utilitarian commuter bikes. Also it?s another 7 pounds of dead weight.

I chose a rad runner single speed just so I could get a rigid fork and geared it appropriately for my area. The new Expand5 model has a rigid fork but unfortunately it is suspension corrected and longer than it needs to be so they ad a bridge brace etc.  I imagine this is because they are using the same frame jig as the Mini and didn?t want to change anything or they will offer a suspension fork version in the future and don?t want to change anything.

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