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rad runner battery charger

Started by jermcf, May 25, 2022, 09:01:37 AM

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This is so frustrating, recently I let my daughter use my extra unused radrunner but the extra battery charger cannot be found. So she has my battery charger but I cannot charge my own roadrunner now.  Radrunner chargers are out of stock and they cannot recommend a 3rd party replacement??  I ordered a generic charger off of amazon and it does nothing! I am ready to open up the battery pack and connect a power supply directly to the battery to trickle charge it, unless someone has a recommendation for a 3rd party charger??

Jerry in Chicago area

Radio Runner

All I know for sure is Lithium can ignite if you don't know exactly what your doing and it will burn your whole house down in the process. Its almost impossible to put out once its going.


Rad has chargers in stock, but not listed on the webpage. just call or email and they can get it ordered for you. these are the new Charger for Semi-Integrated batteries that will work with all the current Rad bikes.