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RadRover 6 Plus Deal! (May/June 2022)

Started by Ryan, May 25, 2022, 08:01:30 AM

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Another sale on the RadRover 6 Plus! I personally think it's a pretty good combo. Save $300 on a RadRover 6+ plus three-accessory bundle (Abus Helmet, USB Charger and Front Basket): (affiliate link supports the forum)

Through 6/20/22


First comment and I gotta be all negative and stuff.  For real, I'm sorry about that.

So I'm waiting to take delivery of my Radcity 5 Plus here in a few days.  Huge order, even after the 100 off coupon I spent like 3 grand.

Anyways, I live in Albuquerque, NM.  Kind of a great place for an ebike (hence why I decided to be a bike commuter.  The city from one end to the other of any place I'd ever want to get to is only 18 miles each way).  But we also have some incredible mountain trails I could ride if that's what I wanted to do.  The point is.  Either the Rover or the City would totally work well for me.  But I decided on the city because, you know.  A little more range I thought.  (range anxiety for us newbies is real, even if we keep reading comments telling us to not have it).

So anyway, then this sale pops up today.  My bike's not even ready so I'm completely within the 14 days and the bike still has zero miles.  I could return it if I want but.  I'm the kinda person that tries to think about others.  So I'm thinking.  Man, that's a lot to put people through just to save myself some money, even if I really need it right now (becoming a bike commuter wasn't my first choice but we'll get to that later).

So I called in and spoke to a guy who I'll keep nameless (I swear to you im not trying to throw anyone under the bus here).  I explain my situation and I'm like "hey look.  I really don't want to put you guys, as well as the bike shop delivery I paid for through all this just for me to have to reorder everything and do this all over again.  But this is just too much savings for me to ignore.  Any chance we could work something out?  free water bottle bag or maybe a front basket or something?"

So the guy goes totally corporate "read your scripts" callcenter mode on me.  Basically tells me im welcome to return the bike.

So I tweet about it, not all full on Karen mode irate or anything, just that I'm bummed with my experience calling in.  Twitter person reaches out to me.  I explain everything to that person and they're like "we strive for customer service, understand where you're coming from, appreciate your comments and will send them to management!  But also doing nothing for you, here's a link to our deals page in case you want to buy another bike!"

Now I've worked many call center jobs.  So I get what a grind it is.  But man, seriously.  I've never ever seen someone totally blow a chance at making a good first impression.  Especially when the requests, in the scope of customer service were so low.  I mean please, you tell me if I'm way out of line here.  But I feel like I wasn't actually asking them to move heaven, earth, the sun, the moon, or the stars to make me happy here.  I literally would have been cool with a 25 dollar water bottle bag.  I mean there can't be THAT many people in this "window" of people that bought bikes right before the promotion.  I just feel like they were completely unprepared for someone like me. 

So yeah, I guess I can say this is a really great deal they got going on here.  I might take advantage of it but, I guess if I do that, I'm doing so at the expense of another 3 weeks of waiting for my bike, which sucks for me.

Still trying to decide what I want to do but man.  400 off vs that 100 off coupon.  Kinda hard to ignore am I right?

Oh and Hi.  Also sorry.  I really hate that my first comment on this forum is about this.  I swear to you, these types of posts are really not my normal me.   

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