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4 Bike rack carrier (rad rover Ebike and normal bike combo)

Started by ABkaper, May 24, 2022, 07:16:05 PM

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I just received my new rad rover 6 plus and am loving it!

I have searched far and wide, read many posts, articles and reviews on bike racks but am seeking your help as I just can?t find a solution

My family has 4 bikes total
- 1 teenager mountain bike
- 2 adult mountain bikes
- 1 electric rad rover 6 plus

Note: we may upgrade 1 adult mountain bike to a rad rover in the future.

We require a bike rack to help us move these 4 bikes around.

My vehicle hitch is not an issue (can hold 850 lbs)

I think the Hollywood sport rider is the only rack I have seen that can support a bike up to 80 lbs, but this rack can only hold two bikes (I require 4)

I have also looked at the
- Kuat NV 2.0 (
- Thule - T2 Pro XTR (

Both of these seem very high end, and can have 4 bikes (but supported bike weight drops with the add on). They can support larger weights for bikes (currently I have 1 Ebike and 3 mountain bikes)

Can these racks that are rated for 60 lbs per bike support slightly heavier bikes like the rad rover 6 plus (with the battery removed)?


All of the choices mentioned look good, but pricey....I'm surprised that no one else has chimed in ;)


HUGE fan of the 1UP bike racks, best built and built in the USA!!!