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Grindy brakes :(

Started by philsharyn, May 22, 2022, 05:01:59 PM

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I just got a rover 6+ three weeks ago I put almost 60 miles on it so far. :(

The supposedly better hydraulic brakes seem super loud and grindy:(

I was just checking if that?s just me?? Or is this a normal condition and sounds coming from the rover 6+??

I have a rad mission. It?s brakes out quite compared to my rover 6+

I would appreciate any response to this.

I just took it to a bike shop for a tune up. Making sure everything is ok.

I?ll keep you all updated.

In meantime please respond.


Mine (RR6+) make a lot of noise, but only if I have to really clamp down on them.  Then it sounds like the fluted rotor edges are hitting something and the more pressure the louder it gets.  Doing the caliper alignment didn't change it and I don't know the cause.  Normally I can hear a scraping sound with light to moderate pressure.


I have the same brakes on my City 5+ and they were very noisy/grindy like you described. The pads wore out after the first 500 miles (lots of steep hills around here). The noise is completely gone with my new brake pads. The stopping feels really smooth. These are what I put on:

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 Hi Rad City 5 Bike owners, I would like to recommend Miles Racing US replacement Brake pads, see link below for your replacement needs.

They have a choice of Semi-metallic or sintered compounds depending on your riding style and terrain.  These pads are designed and manufactured for rigorous competitive Mountain biking, but are also very cost competitive.  Also they are an attractive turquoise color.

Please see new Journal Entry on Miles Racing US specifically about Rad Power Bikes!


60 Miles shouldnt be worn out pads but sometimes metallic pads get grindy in spots.   If it didnt go away in a ride or two I would put new pads on.