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Grindy brakes on rover6+

Started by philsharyn, May 22, 2022, 04:21:35 PM

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I just got a rover 6+ three weeks ago I put almost 60 miles on it so far. :(

The supposedly better hydraulic brakes seem super loud and grindy:(

I was just checking if that?s just me?? Or is this a normal condition and sounds coming from the rover 6+??

I have a rad mission. It?s brakes out quite compared to my rover 6+

I would appreciate any response to this.

I just took it to a bike shop for a tune up. Making sure everything is ok.

I?ll keep you all updated.

In meantime please respond.


Your tune-up may have corrected the problem however in the meantime did you seat the brakes when you finished assembling the bike? This properly seats the pads on the rotor and there are numerous videos on the procedure on the net which you can follow. It is not normal for such noises to be there and you might check to see if the rotors are straight and were not bent during shipment. 

Alas, your bike shop may have already found the problem.


Thanks! Hopefully they do. Wish rad would have stated that I. There assembly can instructions