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New Rad Rover 6+ - stutter, hesitate, jerk when applying throttle from stop

Started by tbrooks123, May 16, 2022, 09:30:37 AM

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Hi Guys,  I have owned my rad rover for about 3 weeks(150 miles) and and a week ago the stutter started from stop when applying throttle.   contacting Rad tomorrow   thank you for posting the info   


Hey guys. I just started having the same problem. subtle stutter when starting from stop with throttle and then smooth after that. Did anyone find what solved this problem?


have you tried default setting on the controller.  My Rover 5 on PAS 0 will not work with throttle.  I have to put it in one of the other PAS for the throttle to work.  I know in the model before the Rover 5 they had a button that prevented the throttle from working at all.