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RadRover 6 First Ride

Started by sabrams, May 14, 2022, 11:17:06 AM

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Got my RadRover 6 yesterday, put it together, and took my first ride today. 21 miles. After putting about 2200 miles on my RadRover 5, I notice that I'm using more pedal assist and/or bigger gears on the RadRover 6 - while doing the exact same ride. I also seem to be using up a little more battery. I know they are using a new algorithm for pedal assist, but other than that, does anyone have any idea why the 6 seems to require more effort than the 5? 


Sabrams, New knobbies with the little tips on the tires and the new controller programming maybe?  I just bought a new Rover 6+. Had it about two weeks and noticed the same thing.  It seems slower off the line on throttle and using a higher PAS most of the time compared to my old  2018 Rover with 3 inch Beach Bum street tires.

I didn't like the downgrade and prefer the street tires over the knobbies so I immediately made the change to Origin8 Supercells.  I just swapped them out for the stock Kenda knobby tires yesterday, and now it rides much more like the old bike.  Eventually, the new knobbies might have worn in, but I like the smoother ride, better battery life and improved street traction on the street tires better.

I think most of the difference is the tires.

Good luck figuring out what you like.


tbrooks123, thanks for the observations. The new RadRover6 definitely requires more PAS. and uses more battery power than the RadRover5. Hopefully that'll change as the new tires wear in, and the bike loosens up a little. I only use PAS 1 and 2, and used to be able to go 20 to 22 miles before dropping to 80% battery remaining. Now, the RadRover6 drops to about 70% on the exact same ride.


I'd say it is the tires.  I like the chunky look of the 4-inch ones but think I would have gone with a narrower one if I had to do it over.  Nearly all my riding is on pavement.  The knobs and remaining mold spikes create rolling resistance even with the pressure at the high end.  Going down a hill at 30 mph it sounds like a Stuka in a dive.


I just got rid of my 1st Gen Rad Rover because I wanted a newer bike with more power.  I picked up a RR 6 plus with 120 miles on it and was throttling it up the same hill I always go with my RR 1st gen.  This newer bike with a new motor that supposedly has more torque has WAY less power.  I'm bummed out that I sold my 1st gen now :(