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Rack Malfunction, Crash Mode?

Started by JohnGe, May 14, 2022, 04:06:43 AM

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Hey all, I just got my bike a week ago. After installing the rear rack, which was a slightly different design than in the installation video, I took the bike out for a easy ride. When I hit a curb the rack slid back which knocked the rear fender into the wheel and pinning it there. The front and rear lights started blinking (crash mode?), I was able to shut the bike off, remove the battery and get it transported back home to work on. I fixed the rack so it wouldn't slip, determined the problem was that I didn't tighten two screws on the top sides which caused the slip, these were not shown in the installation video.

My problem now, after what I suspect was a crash mode, is that the bike will not turn on. I reached out to Rad about this a week ago, detailing the issue, and I have not heard back from them. Has anyone here had any experience with this? What are the courses of action to get my bike running again?

Radding Along

Try unplugging the taillight, the headlight and both brake lever wires. If that fixes the issue, start plugging everything in, one by one to determine the bad connection. I suspect you may have damaged the taillight wire.

I suppose it's possible that you damaged the wiring harness if it got pulled hard in the incident. But that is kind of doubtful.


Same thing happened to me.
The taillight wire was shredded by the fat tire. Rad sent a replacement controller and I purchased the wire thru Amazon. 
The issue now is the bike won't completely shut off. I have to disconnect the display wires.
When I reconnect them, the bike poweres straight up.