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Day 2... Rad Rover 6

Started by IGoThud, May 13, 2022, 11:09:54 PM

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I ordered my Rad Rover 6 during Rad Power Bikes anniversary sale.  It was shipped on Monday and I received it on Thursday.  I was a bit worried because the box was split on one corner but everything was OK and the build went well.  When I was mounting the handlebars I though I had a stripped bolt. Started to call support but realized the bolt was hung up on the washer... head slap! Only other issue was the front brake caliper was off just a bit and caused constant contact with the brakes and the disk.  Loosened a couple of bolts and used a 3x5 card to space off the pads from the disk and tighed it back down.  Its all quite now.  Had my 10 miles in on the first day! Added another 10 today.  I bought it for commuting/camping.  10 minute drive was 15 on the Rover. My wife took to it extremely well and was off and riding with almost zero explination to the features.. just this is your throttle.  Can't compare it since this is my first ebike.... I'll just say its an e-Rad-Bike! Happy trails