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RadRover 6+ Brake Pads

Started by sabrams, May 13, 2022, 03:27:33 PM

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Does anyone know where to get brake pads for the RadRover 6 Plus?. I have called the company twice, and their customer service reps have no idea. I have written two emails to customer support, and they have been unresponsive. I know the hydraulic brakes are made by "Nutt" from Taiwan, and I have found some Nutt brake pads on Amazon, but they don't look anything like the pads on the RadRover 6 Plus. The only brake pads available on the RadPower website, are the Tekro pads for the RadRover 5. I guess they figure that the RadRover 6 Plus brake pads will last forever!!!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can get the brake pad for the rover 6+ and city 5+ directly from Rad. They have them but are not listed on the website. You will need to email or call in to place an order.

Radding Along

In looking for aftermarket pads for the Rover 6plus and City 5plus, search Avid Elixir brake pads. Amazon has lots of options. (


"Radding Along", thank you so much for the information. I appreciate it!!!


I'm also looking for replacement brake pads for my Radrihno EU spec, does anyone know what the dimensions of the stock pads? no info on Rad's site, I've already emaild support but no answer from them!
The ones I'm looking at are 'Clarks Organic Disc Brake Pads for Avid Elixir Cr/Elixir R/Elixir, SRAM Xx, Spring Inc'. Also these that mention Nutt - 'CYCEARTH 4 Pairs Bicycle Bike Disc Brake Pads for SRAM Avid Elixir E1 E3 E5 E7 E9 CR XO XX DB1 DB3 DB5 NUTT oil brake(Semi-Metallic/Sintered Metal) (Semi-Metallic)'
Very confused with all the different numbers!


Check in with Area 13 the old Bolten ebikes, They have ebike rated after market  brake pads.


Well the first ones I ordered from Amazon were too thick. I dir order a pair from Rad but they haven't shipped yet. Anyone have suggestion on specific brake pads for 6 plus NUTT brakes?



Quote from: kenr on August 03, 2022, 05:13:23 PM
Well the first ones I ordered from Amazon were too thick. I dir order a pair from Rad but they haven't shipped yet. Anyone have suggestion on specific brake pads for 6 plus NUTT brakes?


I ""BELIEVE"" these will work for your Rad 6 Plus. Hopefully someone can confirm./.  or


I have seen it posted elsewhere that these work:


I also have been having trouble getting hydraulic brake pads from Rad. You can't order them online and their phone service is slow and dense. In 2 long-hold calls full of wrong info (they said each set of pads was good for both wheels but actually only for one wheel, they said the little spring clip would be included but neither it or the cotter pin ever is, etc., they said they would ship them fast but shipped the tiny envelope via ups ground and it took almost 2 weeks) anyway, I ended up with three wheels worth of pads for $75, and no clips or cotter pins. Mind you I started out looking for 3 bikes worth of pads and still don't have them from Rad. So I started looking around and in 2 days I have received this 4-pair set from Amazon that seem to be exactly the same size , thickness and similar pad material, which included clips and cotter pins for $15 delivered. 
So unless these fall right apart we are getting ripped off and wasting our time with the expensive and hard to get Rad Nutt pads. Sorry I can't see how to size the amazon images smaller.

PS- Maybe someone can tell me how to post a hosted camera pic. I tried using imgur links and the images don't appear, tho links to amazon images work. I'll post a pic of what I got and how they look next to the Rad pads If I can.

Edit 8/25 I also had ordered this other set from Amazon and they seem perfectly similar also for $11 for 4 pairs of pads with clip and cotter pin, came in 3 days


I purchased some online and they were a smidgen too big. I eyeballed my hammer and decided against it.
I called RPB, and at $25 a set  :o, I ordered 2.  Surprisingly, the 2nd set was no charge.
And with free shipping,  I'm warm and fuzzy.


I can confirm that it is SRAM/AVID ?elixir? style pads that fit the rr6+ nutt brakes.  Specifically the ones with the protruding tab on the lower edge as in the screenshots earlier in this thread.  There seems to be an ?elixir-DB? variant without the tabs that is allegedly 1mm wider (30mm) that might account for the ?too snug? experiences.

So far I?ve had Kool Stops (from REI), Tektro ceramic p20 I mistakenly bought and had to dremel but loved them, and I?m working my way through a 4 pair pack of sintered from  Thinking of trying a different compound from DiscoBrakes next time around but the sintered ones have outlasted all previous ones.

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These work great. Fit perfect and last.
D Dymoece 2 Pairs Bike Disc Brake...


QuoteThese work great. Fit perfect and last.
D Dymoece 2 Pairs Bike Disc Brake...

Thank you. Just want to confirm - has anyone else used these successfully for RR6+?


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