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Finally found a tote for RadExpand 5

Started by nsfdheo, May 13, 2022, 11:00:42 AM

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Posting this here as I had a difficult time trying to find a correct size tote for a stock RadExpand 5. I purchased this at Home Depot for $60. Nice to have it on wheels for rolling the tote around.  No need to buy folding pedals. Fits great! The right pedal is just touching side of  bin. Had to lower handle bars to place in my Honda oddessy van.

Stock RadExpand 5 except for 14"x12"milk crate added to rear rack. ($6 menards) Photo taken with seat and battery removed for easier lifting.

Hope this helps anyone who has been  looking for one. HDX 70 Gal. Tough Storage Tote with Wheels in Black with Yellow Lid.


Well that is darn clever!  What are the dimensions of the tote container and how high is it when loaded in to the container (w/o your basket).  Thanks I want to see if it's will fit into my Leaf like that!!  I love the wheels parts.


Bin dimensions listed on first photo on bottom of container. Just measured and bike sticks out about 9" outside of the container. Hope that helps.


Thank You, I've been looking for one.  Have a question.  I have a rad small basket in the front of the bike.  Do you think it would fit?


Thank you for sharing this - just placed an order for one.


Thank you SO much! Exactly what I needed!
What is the milk crate for?


Quote from: IncognitoPNW on June 25, 2022, 01:14:13 PM
Thank you SO much! Exactly what I needed!
What is the milk crate for?

It's for milk... just kidding. I guess you could strap the milk crate to your bike rack to haul stuff.



You're a lifesaver! Been looking all over the web for one!!


I got the same one.  It's the largest anywhere here in Canada.  Lowe's in the US had the size I needed(largest one) but unavailable here.

Good luck!   And if folded correctly I can fit this in my 2005 Toyota Corolla back seat.  Minus the seatpost.

John Rose

Here's a 6-minute video: Loading an E-bike by Yourself, without Lifting it! (into an SUV)
Even without the dog ramp, the idea of tipping the bin up on end first seems like it would save a bit of effort getting it into the bin.
A ramp with no carpeting would have less friction though. A simple wooden plank maybe?
RadMini ST 2 / RadExpand 5

John Rose

The biggest tote Home Depot has around here is 208 litres (55 US gal.)
Quel dommage
RadMini ST 2 / RadExpand 5


We have two Expand 5 bikes
We use the Rubbermaid 50gal (189L) totes.
Toss the lids
Pop the front wheel off, place them behind our front seats.
Fold the bikes, place them in the totes.
Makes it easy to pick up and slide into the back of our Equinox.
Works great


This is an excellent idea! The link in John Rose's post seems to be broken, so here it is again (Youtube).