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Bike LCD shows no charge and shuts off, despite battery being charged

Started by zfr7, May 06, 2022, 07:47:16 PM

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My Rad City Step-Thru 3's battery is fully charged (verified by the battery gauge indicator and the charging block). However, when I turn on my bike, the LCD screen displays one blinking block for the charge, to indicate no charge remaining. The bike automatically shuts off within a few seconds.

I tried all of the troubleshooting steps here:!

I also replaced 40A fuse on the battery. None of this fixed anything.

The only thing that's out of the ordinary is that the wire tubing that connects to the brakelight is broken in 2 areas where it feeds through the rear fender at the back. However, the wire itself looks completely fine (I'll protect it before I ride again) and the brakelight turns on and functions normally for the brief time that my bike stays on before the bike automatically shutting off.

To be clear, the LCD display (before it automatically shuts off) does *not* display any error codes. It still shows the mileage and speed assist setting, and it does not flicker or act strangely. It simply looks how it should if the battery was out of charge (but the battery is fully charged).

Has anyone experienced something similar to this? Rad has been ignoring my ticket request for over 2 days and I was kept on hold on the phone today (couldn't get through), so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

I got my Radcity 5 Plus yesterday. It was running well but today I have the same problem: Bike LCD shows no charge and shuts off, despite battery being charged.

I have the same problem, the LCD shows "error 30".... Could you solve the problem?


Quote from: on May 14, 2022, 06:07:00 AM
I have the same problem, the LCD shows "error 30".... Could you solve the problem?

Hello, sorry that you're having the same issue. Unfortunately, I have been unable to fix it. All the connections look good. Rad wants me to spend $150 to get a new wiring harness and controller.

My LCD doesn't display any error codes though, so the error 30 might be a helpful hint for your bike.

This page looks tedious but probably worth trying:!

Radding Along

I think your lcd display is bad. Find someone who has a Rad bike, any bike will do. It doesn't have to be your model. Push the bikes together at the handlebars, unscrew the connectors on both bikes and hook their display into your bike. If the battery then registers, you know the display is bad.

If that doesn't fix it, the next step is the controller. But more than likely it's just a display issue.


Hey, thanks. This sounds promising. I don't know of anyone near me with a Rad bike but I'm sure I'll be able to find someone

Hi, may you let me how you fixed this problem as I got this one today!

Thank you.