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Writhing snake Wobbly , so no hands free riding, for sure

Started by twistydave, May 06, 2022, 06:08:42 AM

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The bike is sketchy because the whole thing wobbles. The handle bars really want to wobble back and forth at all speeds.  Slow speeds are the worst, especially when turning slowing.  Feels like I am riding a writhing snake with MS.   The faster I go it smooths out some but sill if I take my hands off the handle bars it starts.  Really sucks not to trust the bike.   I commute every day and and since they sent me this replacement bike it has been getting worst.  I figured it was something loose but cant find anything nor could the local bike mechanic.  The bike is set up with some mods.  I bought the  front and rear racks. On the rear I have an additional 20Ah battery.   I'm thinking Rad replaced my first bike with a reconditioned bike that has a bent frame.  Any ideas?????


Try taking the weight off the rear rake and see if the wobble goes away. I have a Rad Rover ST1 and when I carry my spare battery in a bag on my rear rack I get the dreaded death wobble, but when I'm not packing the spare battery there's no wobble and I can ride no hands then.  Citizen cycle mentioned that his Rover started to wobble when he added weight to his bike also.

Radding Along

Check to see if tire pressure is at 30lbs. Check the headset to be sure it's tight. That will cause a wobble.

Rad never replaces bikes with a reconditioned bike, ever. They are pretty strict about that.

When they get the 14 day test ride bikes back, they reassemble them and test ride them quite a bit. If anything is off with the bike, they strip it down and use the parts off of it. Then cut up the frame.

When they sell a 14 day return bike, they call them garage sale bikes. The customer knowingly buys a garage sale bike at a good discount and knows it's a return bike. But they also know that Rad has gone through it. And of course the bike comes with the normal
One year warranty.

I'll repeat it again, Rad never gives a customer a return bike without them knowing it's a return bike.